Having Physical Discomfort? These Sleep Disorders Might Be The Reason

Every now and then we feel tired, restless and not up for doing anything in particular, our productivity has diminished and we can even feel severe pain building around our foreheads. All of these are the symptoms of physical discomfort that you might be experiencing either due to a stressful and busy day that you have had or because of the sleep-related disorders meddling with your daily affairs.

There are a variety of sleep disorders out there that can literally snatch the comfort and peace of mind from your life and make you feel low at your energy level, inactive for the most part of the day or not being able to get your head straight. All of this leads to physical discomfort that is clearly not a positive state of the body at all.

Here is a list of all the possible sleep disorders that can add to the physical discomfort;

  1. Sleep Paralysis

Not your typical form of paralysis but just as frightening as paralysis sounds. Sleep Paralysis is associated with a dedicated episode during which you might not be able to move or speak even if wanted to out of your own free will. It mostly occurs when you are waking up or falling asleep. It is a temporary condition that should pass in a few seconds or minutes and is not harmful at all. But it can be very debilitating and overwhelming adding to the stress, anxiety and physical discomfort of the sufferer.

  1. Parasomnias

Parasomnias is a broad term that covers a huge spectrum of sleep-related disorders such as sleepwalk, sleep paralysis, carrying out unwanted or intimidating actions during sleep or having distressing nightmares. People suffering from parasomnias might experience unusual or abnormal behavior during their sleep. Most people above 50 years of age are affected adversely by the disorder but it can occur in any age. 

  1. Restless leg syndrome

It is a sleep disorder in which you might experience tremor in your leg muscles or unwanted urge to move your legs during the sleep. This activity can severely affect your sleep time and make you feel dizzy and uncomfortable during the daytime thus adding to the physical discomfort. Restless leg syndrome is highly treatable but if neglected for long can turn to a debilitating condition.



Weighted Blankets are minimizing the physical discomfort

Surely you have been practicing various medicines, techniques or home remedies to take control back from these sleep disorders. But if nothing has been working for you, we have something extraordinary to help you minimize the physical discomfort. Weighed blankets come in various size and weight. They might be filled with glass, plastic beads or other heavy material to add weight on you while you sleep. The mechanism intent is to apply pressure to the body that calms the nerves and allows a person suffering from a sleep disorder to relax and enjoy an uninterrupted sleep session.

These products are highly in demand these days and many people seem to have considerable benefits from using them. What could be better other than having a great day where you are active, at peace with yourself and not experiencing any physical discomfort at all.


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