These Sleep Disorders Might Be Keeping You Up All Night

Sleep is a wonderful gift that has been given to us. You would find going to the bed at night, getting all warm and cozy and getting up all refreshed in the morning a blessing. But some of you might not be able to the same experience right now either due to physical stress or a change in the biological sleep/wake rhythms. Chances are that you might be experiencing a few sleep disorders that are keeping you up all night or depriving you from all of your energy during the day time.

It is extremely important to know what kind of sleep disorders we are talking about here to better assess your situation and come up with a solid strategy to help you take control back. So, without further ado let us dive right into various sleep disorders that might be keeping you up all night;

  1. Insomnia

Insomnia is an open secret and probably a tormenting condition for many people as they are unable to fall asleep or stay asleep. Being insomniac is literally what keeps you up for the most part of the night and even if you are able to enjoy a few moments of sleep you will feel all tired and restless the very next day. It is an extremely debilitating and exhausting experience.

  1. Sleep Walk

Another related disorder but totally opposite in reference with insomnia is sleepwalk, people suffering from this condition might get up during the night still asleep and start walking around. You might end up in the toilet, on the terrace or before the opened refrigerator trying to eat some snacks out of it. All of this comes with immense anxiety and confusion when you wake up or someone wakes you up during your little parade.

  1. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a complicated disorder that is linked with a wide spectrum of sleep disorders. In this condition, the person might feel extreme fatigue, pain all over the body, unexplainable headache or muscle pain. The cause is still unknown but it is believed to arise from a combination of physiological stress as well as a medication that the person might be taking at the moment.

  1. Restless leg syndrome

Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is a debilitating neurological disorder in which the person might feel the urge to move their legs constantly. What makes the condition so overwhelming is that the attacks are more likely to happen during the nighttime when you are asleep. Out of nowhere, you would start to shake your legs that disturbs your sleep and the mood also becomes low. 

Of all the disorders that were described above Insomnia and the Restless leg syndrome are more likely to keep you awake. These sleep disorders are very treatable given that you are willing to change your sleeping habits and practice

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